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  • PP-7
  • Supply Valve
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  • Original Equipment

999999 In Stock


Weights & Dimensions

Gross Weight
0.54 Kilogram
Net Weight
0.54 Kilogram
132.08 Millimeter
53.848 Millimeter
52.07 Millimeter

VMRS Codes / Description

013-010-017 Parking Valve - Hand Brake, Air
013-010-406 Valve - Trailer Air Supply
7/8-20 UNEF-2A 
Supply Port
1/8-27 NPT 
Delivery Port 1
1/4-18 NPT 
Control (Pilot / AUX) Port
1/8-27 NPT 
Exhaust Port
Automatic Release Pressure
40 PSI 
Trailer Override Pressure
26 ± 6 PSI 
Plunger / Button Height
1.57 IN 
Plunger Diameter
Ø .311 IN 
Button(s) Included
Button Color
Red (Yellow Band) 
Button Shape
Button Text
Push to Charge | Trailer Air Supply | Not for Parking 
Mounting Nut Included
Dial Included
Rubber Boot Included
Maximum Operating Temperature
200 °F (93 °C) 
Minimum Operating Temperature
-40 °F (-40 °C) 

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Supply Valve


Supply Valve

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